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Custom Orthotics in Kitsap County

Along with chiropractic care and therapeutic massage, The Chiropractor’s Clinic and Massage Center offers custom orthotics to help care for your health.

Custom Orthotics to Treat Neck and Back Pain

custom orthoticsThe pain you experience in your neck or back may be due to a problem in a different area. When one part of your body isn’t working properly, it causes a domino effect leading to issues elsewhere. The underlying problem could be due to a misalignment in your spine linked to poor foot posture.

When fitted and used properly, custom orthotics can complement your chiropractic treatment plan and improve your body’s performance by increasing efficiency, reducing pain and contributing to overall wellness.

How Custom Orthotics Work

These devices stabilize the base of the spine and pelvis by dealing with structural issues in the feet. When abnormal stresses on the feet are reduced, levels of discomfort there and elsewhere in the body can be alleviated. Orthotics are also equipped with a shock-absorption feature which can reduce repetitive stress on muscles and joints, especially benefitting patients living with arthritic symptoms.

  • Joints and muscles in the body function best when they’re in balance.
  • If any part of the chain of movement is out of balance, interference with correct joint function can occur.
  • If there’s an imbalance in the way feet function, negative impacts on the spine, pelvis, hips and knees can result.
  • When properly fitted, custom orthotics support the foot and reduce unwanted stress on the body.

Get Fitted for Custom Orthotics in Kitsap County

custom orthoticsYour chiropractor can assess whether custom orthotics will help you, then take precise measurements to fit each orthotic to benefit each individual patient’s needs. Spinal decompression is also available to correct certain types of back pain, and we offer other wellness services for patients who are looking for preventive care. Call or email us today to learn more or to set up your personal appointment.

 Creating Custom Orthotics for Maximum Muscle and Joint Mobility

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